Inflatable DropStich Kayak

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The inflatable kayak is manufactured from the new vinyl "Dropstich".


The kayak is lighter than the conventional inflatable kayaks. It is with narrower profile which provides easy paddling in the chosen direction.

This kayak is for real adventurers. 

The sharp nose and stern, combined with a body made entirely of Drop Stitch, gives it the ability to cut waves at high speed while keeping its geometry unchanged.

The balloons have a narrow profile, which gives high speed in the water, but also a lot of internal storage space. The open cockpit gives access to everything on board and allows easy boarding even from the water.

A large waterline length means high speed with minimal effort and keeping the course clear without the need for constant adjustments. The housing, entirely made of Drop Stitch, inflates 0.7-1.0 bar, which makes it extremely rigid.

Its presentation in the water is very close to that of hard kayaks, but with the convenience of folding and packing. Extremely comfortable and easy to carry in the trunk even of the smallest cars. Without the need of specialized luggage racks for the car ceiling, without taking up unnecessary space when not in use.

Kayak size:

Width - 60 cm

Load capacity - 150 kg 

Weight - 12 kg

Cameras - 3

Crew - 1 + 1

Length - 400 cm

Board height - 40 cm