Surf-kayak "Eclipse"

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Standard kayak design. Deck and hull made entirely of Fiberglass. 


The construction is made of Fiberglass and Kevlar. This combines the strength, lightness and durability of the kayak with an affordable price.


The construction is made of Fiberglass and Kevlar with additional Kevlar reinforcement. This combination provides more strength and durability.


The kayak is made of Carbon and Kevlar. This combination makes it 25% lighter than the STANDARD level. With this construction, your boat becomes lighter, faster and more responsive.

Color Deck
Construction material

Eclipse is a surf-kayak intended for wave waters of the sea/ocean.

This kayak is fast and stable. Suitable for rowing by any kayak lover.

The hull construction allows the kayak to glide easily on the water. In the same time provides a great pleasure to surf with it in waves.

On kayak`s deck you will find a waterproof phone and document compartment.

There is a bungee to attach the paddle as well.

There are handles on the front and back of the deck for easy carrying.

Kayak sizes:

Length - 5.50 m

Beam - 0.56 m

Height - 0.30 m

Weight - 26 kg (STANDARD)

Data sheet

Black - standard color
Other - + BGN 50
White - standard color
Construction - Price
Club+ - + BGN 250
Club - + BGN 200
Race - + BGN 600
Standard - standard price