K1 Marathon

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Standard kayak construction. Deck and hull made entirely of Fiberglass. 


Reinforced kayak construction. Deck and hull made entirely of Fiberglass plus additional reinforcement.


Carbon kayak construction. Deck and hull are made of Carbon and Kevlar. This combination makes the boat 25% lighter than the STANDARD level. Your boat becomes lighter, faster and more responsive.

Construction material

K1 Marathon is a sports kayak for fitness.

New design with increased stability and high sprint speed or maximum speed.

The bottom shape allows catching waves like surf kayak does. Additionally, there is a high average speed at maintaining tempo requiring less effort.

The water wraps the hull laminar.

The proper weight of the rower is up to 90kg.

Kayak sizes:

-Length - 5.20m

-Beam - 0.45m

-Height - 0.22m

Solid body. Waterproof telephone and document compartment.

Data sheet

Carbon - 17 kg
Standard - 22 kg
Black - standard color
Other - + BGN 50
White - standard color
Construction - Price
Carbon - + BGN 600
Reinforced - + BGN 150
Standard - standard price


К1 Маратон

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K1 Mrathon - Functionality

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